This morning I heard my first ad from a Midwest potential Congressperson stating how she would “stand up to Hillary Clinton.” My husband had to stop me from throwing my shoes at the television. Quite frankly I can’t begin to stomach that in four years we may have a repeat of all of this.

I have many, many friends from both sides shaking their heads questioning how we got to this election. Where are the qualified people? Why so much anger, hatred and blame?

Obviously we have created a leadership vacuum in our government that very few qualified leaders want to fill. And why would they? Who wants to lead in a no win situation?

Our forefathers in their wisdom set up three branches of government – it’s referred to as checks and balances. Some, after the Revolutionary War wanted George Washington to become king. King George? Sounds like the oppression many of our ancestors fought against. Washington and other wise leaders pushed for a democratic process.

And so our beautiful democracy was born, which included the process of checks and balances so no one person or branch would have supreme power 100% of the time.

It is our diversity which has made us a great country. Yet it means our government only works effectively when there is compromise. If we continue with the attitude and action of blue/red, I win and you lose, and stop the process of compromise before it starts, we the people will always lose. Like many of you I have a personal agenda or vision of what I would like to see happen. I have both friends and relatives who may disagree with that. But I am betting that if we sat down and listened to each other we would find common ground to move forward on.

Can I live with getting 30% or 40% of an issue approved and moving forward? Can you? Because compromise is what it will take to fix education, health care, failing infrastructures and social inequalities. Our answers are in the middle, not in extreme sides.

Over the next four years I will be looking for politicians that can DO. I want to find those leaders who have the record, wisdom and courage to walk in the footsteps of our founding fathers, cross the aisle, work with whoever is president and find common ground to move forward for the sake of America. And for those politicians who brag about how much they prevented action which resulted in stalemates, the hell with the shoe I’m finding a boot.