Today I Choose Wisdom

Today I choose wisdom. In quiet thought I can reflect on my path. Wise choices always uplift and light a life. Today I choose wisdom. What do you choose?



Diana Creel Elarde on behalf of Emerging Insights Group



Should I truly have thrown away every single page of a life I led for so long?

The First Day

In the morning I threw it all out, yes all of it. Every paper, notebook and article saved for so many years were removed. The traces of a life, of a particular role in life that no longer held merit, were gone within an hour. Large trash bags of the old stood in the hallway – halfway to their destination, the bin in the yard.

The room seemed lighter once I was done and over with the task. My overloaded book shelves now were empty. Even items cleared away from inside the credenza helped to make the room feel better. A mystery considering most had been hidden where no eye could find them. Yet lighter it felt. Perhaps I had been waiting to call it quits, and when the end was finally imposed on me I found relief in ridding all of it from my life.

I felt true satisfaction as I moved the bagged materials from the hallway to the trash bin outside, hauling it all to the street for the final hours of existence. Happy to be finished, I grabbed my newest book and curled up in the living room chair.

The house was quiet, very quiet; actually too quiet. I decided light music might help and unwrapping my crossed legs I reached for the music remote. The clicks started to add up as each song seemed to create a disturbance or not quite the sound for reading.

The minutes and the songs continued to pass by. Finally, in frustration I gave up. Grabbing my book, I decided the side patio would be a perfect place on this cool but not too cold day to read.

Sitting in one of the chairs I remained as restless as I was inside. I adjusted my position; I moved another chair closer to me to prop up my feet. Finally settling in I opened the book and started again on my quest to read.

In the distance I could hear the sound of a garbage truck, gears starting up each time it made a stop. I talked myself into ignoring it with assuring words that it would soon be gone.

Is that a bird? I questioned as I listened to the most annoying repetitive sound. Where was it and how can I make it leave motivated me to abandon the chair, or chairs if you will, and seek what made this bird the worst companion to ever have close. I searched the mesquite tree with its deeply gouged bark along the trunk. While bees flew freely around it trying to secure a taste of its nectar, no bird was in sight. I set my eyes on the Queen Ann roses, their thick vines crisscrossing the stone wall of the garden. Again no bird, yet the annoying call remained, making my effort to read difficult at best.

Finally, I found the pest in the orange tree just over the wall, sheltered by the thick dark leaves. Too far to shoo, and certainly heaving something at it over the wall seemed an inappropriate course of action.

The book in hand, I walked through the patio door securing the lock, and wandered within the house for a new location. I settled on the inviting leather couch in my office. The very office I so happily cleaned out just a few hours ago.

Sitting propped up against the arm of the couch with a small wrap around my bare feet, I once again began to read. One page passed without incident. I am pretty sure I got through a second and possibly a third before I found myself staring at bare places on the book shelf and imagining the empty slots in the credenza.

What if…? my mind started to question. I did throw out a lot I acknowledged. Actually more than a lot; all of it. What if? I mean there could be a note that I might need to reference or lecture I might be asked to give again.

Should I truly have thrown away every single page of a life I led for so long?

I started to believe I should retrieve a document or two. Certainly I could have been way too hasty in pronouncing an end to my old life. Keeping a thing or two wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Book down, the couch wrap flung to the side I quickly walked through the house and outside to where the trash bin stood on the street.

The world seemed so silent, except for the great sucking of wind deep in my throat. A dreadful feeling clamped down on my heart. The bin had been emptied! In my most efficient efforts I managed to dispose of all my work within the hour of the weekly pick up. Empty!

A scatter or two of paper remained in the street from the hasty effort to empty the contents. I walkeded over to one sheet, then another. I looked over the date of one document. I strained to imagine why it was written. My mind tried to recreate the colleagues I might have discussed it with.

But the words seemed empty, void of all the meaning they carried back then. I tried to recall the intensity of thought, of emotion, I had when I prepared it. Standing in the quiet of the street, I couldn’t imagine why it all mattered.

I picked up the remaining sacred papers, now deemed in the street documents and tossed them to the bottom of the bin. They sailed their way down, resting quietly on the bottom. I only wish I could have felt as settled as they appeared to be.

After such a venture today on my first day of retirement, I decided to rest, just too much undertaking on the start of this new life. Yes, I had to admit, a good long nap was probably the best idea.


Copyright©D.Elarde, 2017

Today I choose gratitude

Today I choose gratitude. Gratitude is a circle, the more you acknowledge, the more you receive. Close friends, supportive family members, good health and a loving relationship are just a few gifts I am grateful to have in my life. Today I choose gratitude. What do you choose?


Diana Creel Elarde on behalf of Emerging Insights Group


Today I choose hope.

Today I choose hope. Above all, hope gives us the light to greet a new day. Hope can rally the human spirit like no other emotion.

In the darkest of night, hope helps us reach beyond what we thought possible.

During these difficult days in south Texas, I stand in hope for the safety of all people, their recovery and rebuilding.

Today I choose hope. What do you choose?


Diana Creel Elarde on behalf of Emerging Insights Group


Today I choose awe

Today I choose awe.

This morning hundreds of thousands of people from across the world stood together in US cities and the countryside to celebrate the spectacular awe of the universe. They did so united by a force far greater than humankind and perhaps at a moment in time when we needed be reminded of what we all share.

Today I choose awe and embrace this celebration. What do you choose?


 Diana Creel Elarde on behalf of Emerging Insights Group



Today I choose grace

In grace I can stay centered in the most difficult of situations, so today I choose grace.

Grace can be defined as a smooth and effortless movement. For me it is like yoga pose to be mastered with the self in alignment and the breath supporting the body and soul. Today I will work on this alignment, knowing the more centered I become I share it with the world around me. It is an active, thought filled choice.

Today I chose grace. What do you choose?