Today I Choose Change

Today I choose change. Our life is a collection of beliefs; stories we tell ourselves that we live by as truths. When we change our beliefs, our stories alter. Today I choose change. What do you choose?


Diana Creel Elarde, PSYCH-K® Facilitator,





Today I choose joy! Joy lifts the heart and expands to all around you. In joy our spirit shines making us a beacon for good will. It brings us closer to our fellow man and to the sacred angels who always hover close to us. Today I choose joy. What will you choose?

Diana Creel Elarde on behalf of Emerging Insights Group


Today I choose grief

Today I choose grief to honor the passing of a precious friend. Grief is an ancient emotion found not only in humans but in all mammals. It reminds us all how important others are to our emotional being. We risk grief every time we love, yet  without the love, of special people in our lives, we would be empty vessels.  Today I choose grief to honor; tomorrow I will choose beautiful memories to celebrate the exceptional life of my dear friend Paul Hayter. What do you choose?