Today I choose…

Today I choose courage. It takes both thought and action to move courageously in the world. I choose courage.

What do you choose?

Fear is a default emotion. Many psychologies agree all mammals (including us!) are born with fear and panic to help the species to survive. As we as humans mature the cognitive portion of our brain develops and we are given thought to help us evaluate.

Every day we get to decide to proceed in courage or be tossed and turned by our fears.  Fear keeps our body tense, our heart accelerated and our mind less creative. Long term fear weakens us and makes us less effective at work and with our families. When we accept we have a choice, we can exercise our emotional muscle to experience courage over fear.

Today I have a choice and I choose courage.

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4 thoughts on “Today I choose…

  1. Michelle Lee says:

    I love this Diana! A huge misconception is the we need to be fearless to move forward. That’s simply not true and I believe it’s impossible. If we’re stretching ourselves outside our comfort zone then there will be fear. The trick is, as you said, to move forward with courage. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Susan Bristol says:

    Diana, I love this. It is just what I needed today.

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